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Embicon is the inventor of the Embilink-plattform – a system that goes from information collection to presentation.

  • Embilink Aqua is a solution for collection of key data in fish farming, i.e. oxygen levels, salinity, ocean current and waves. 
  • Embilink-A2 is a measuring station in the Aqua system. It is built to measure key data in fish farms.
  • Embilink Lab is a portable system that enables quick and easy measuring where ever needed.
  • Embilink Workboat is as system for monitoring data from workboats
  • Embilink WiSi is a wireless sensor interface that eases temporary mesurements

We sell sensors, produce automation systems and make presentation of your data the way you want it. Read more on our product site: (currently in Norwegian only)

Example of delivery: Measuring of oxygen, temperature and salinitet. This is live-data!


Oxygen-, temperature and salinity monitoring live from Stokksundet strait between Bømlo and Stord in Sunnhordland, Norway (more on this system here – in Norwegian)